The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #166: ATMs and ICOs

Episode 166
November 12, 2017 — 92 mins
Guests: J.R. Willett

Coinme, a venture-backed crypto financial services and blockchain technology company, announced UpToken (Ticker:UP), a partnership with the cryptocurrency community to create the largest crypto ATM network in the world. As the first licensed Bitcoin ATM company in the U.S., Coinme’s proven track record and human-first approach have brought thousands of people into the growing crypto community. The UpToken sale was designed in partnership with J.R. Willett, inventor of the first token sale. We chat a bit about the history of the ICO, and ATMs in general. I’ve used one to get me started, largely because it was easily accessible and didn’t require me to link a bank account and multiple-day verification. The Bitcoin ATM was a convenient way to get a small amount of Bitcoin to experiment with. So how do we make sure it is still a big deal years from now?

  1. nelabs

    3 months ago

    thanks for the interview. my question is following if in future we move to cryptocurrency, it will be accepted by more merchants, we will have credit cards with crypto currency. why do we need ATM, to exchange, crypto currency to fiat currency?