The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #161: A Foundation for the Data Economy

Episode 161
October 22, 2017 — 100 mins
Guests: Charles Silver & Robin Bloor

Sure, an ICO is cool — but the true uncharted water are platforms holding SAFTs. If you are unfamiliar, that stands for Simple Agreement for Future Tokens. Algebraix Data will enable individuals to own and monetize their personal data. The company’s secure, permission-based ad network will be enabled by blockchain and the new ALX cryptocurrency. The network will be powered by the company’s unique, patented Data Algebra technology. The SAFT involves the issuance of 5 billion ALX Tokens to investors, and comes in advance of a public offering of the tokens to take place in several months. Think of it as the ALX Token being the oil that fuels the network. CEO Charlie Silver and Robin Bloor come on to explain the SAFT and prepare for their launch this week!