The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #157: Modern Day Gold Rush Pt. II

Episode 157
Octoberber 01, 2017 — 75 mins
Guests: Joshua Scigala

After 2008, Greece, Cyprus, Venezuela, Brexit and more, people are worried about their paper based money sitting in a bank and not even earning interest. Vaultoro Is the first company in the world to offer its client a real-time Debit card and internet banking functionality using gold and without the need of a bank.  It was around this time we had Joshua Scigala on our show the first time. You see,, is the first and longest running bitcoin / allocated gold exchange and recently they just closed funding round with one of fintech’s largest investors. I’m talking six figures holmes. The investment from FinLab AG into Vaultoro will enable them to scale fast. After all, their mission is to enable as many people as possible to secure their savings in assets away from the banking system before another major currency crisis. Yeah, we can dig it.