The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #156: Combined Forces for Better Results

Episode 156
September 28, 2017 — 78 mins
Guests: Vinay Gupta

The Sweetbridge Foundation, a non-profit aiming to leverage blockchain technology to power the next generation of global supply chain networks, announced that blockchain expert Vinay Gupta joined its Advisory Group. Drawing upon his decades of experience in the cryptocurrency, technology, and financial services spaces, Gupta will advise the project in a number of strategic areas, including blockchain technology and business development. Gupta is best known for his work on the Ethereum blockchain, where he managed the initial launch of the project. Gupta also served as a strategic architect for ConsenSys. In addition, Gupta is a partner at Hexayurt Capital. Oh, and he has been on our show before and we love him. So it is only natural we get him back to discuss his new advisor position and the current landscape of crypto.