The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #153: Bitcoin Sell Out

Episode 153
September 17, 2017 — 78 mins
Guests: Brian Hoffman

The team behind the open-source, bitcoin-powered marketplace OpenBazaar has published the beta version of its forthcoming 2.0 release. Our guest this week, Brian Hoffman, who is also chief executive of OB1 (the startup behind the project), said that one of the goals for the 2.0 release was to make the user experience akin to popular e-commerce platforms like Etsy. Is it a success?

Let’s recap. A free online marketplace. No fees. No restrictions. Earn Bitcoin? Yeah, we’re using this to sell our merch. Buy and sell freely, gents! Let’s get into it. Press play! ‘n when you’re done listening to this episode, you can download the beta — it’s available now.