The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #15: Ants Marching

Episode 15
August 30, 2015 — 72 mins
Guests: Jonathan Chester & Carrie Scott

Are you a victim of getting caught up in the monotony of your everyday life and forget to focus on what is truly important? The metaphor for that is people marching like ants in a line. It’s time to break free of that, at least from your employer. Bitwage bills itself as the world’s first payroll startup to incorporate the cost- and time-saving benefits of Bitcoin. Amazingly low fees and exchange rates. No Frozen Accounts. No bank account required. INDIVIDUAL AND EMPLOYER PAYROLL Next-Day Fiat to Bitcoin. Get outta town. Get pumped. Interview with BitWage COO Jonathan Chester joins us this week to discuss how his company brings modern financial tools to those who do not have access to the current banking system. Also joining us is Carrie, the world’s first bitcoin pedicab driver!