The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #147: History of Security

Episode 147
August 17, 2017 — 84 mins
Guests: Mushegh Hakhinian

Not to toot our own horn, but this is a great episode. Because we tackle security and with the boom of ICOs sprouting up nowadays, the tools around doing them have matured a bit, so that it’s easy for people outside of the space to use them, so you’re seeing a proliferation of them because they’re much more approachable. Security is as important now than ever. Or, how about the evolution of banking in general? With the emergence of online banking, consumers now have the ability to perform everyday banking tasks online. Since this was normally reserved for tellers, teller transactions have declined within bank branches in the last decade. Clients can now pay bills online, make deposits, transfer funds between accounts and even to other people through online banking.

We chat with Mushegh Hakhinian, Chief Security Architect at Synchronoss, who is an interpreter for security talk – which means he helps enterprises avoid security mistakes and translates security information into actionable advice for the technical teams. In addition, he helps businesses maintain their focus on their valuable data and allocate resources to protect what’s most important. Synchronoss is the mobile innovation leader that provides cloud solutions and software-based activation. Let’s get into it!