The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #130: Consensus Recap and Sphre

Episode 130
May 28, 2017 — 84 mins
Guests: Daren Seymour

Sphre (, an identity management firm focused on blockchain projects, today announced a partnership with Airbitz, a data security platform and mobile bitcoin wallet. . Sphre’s AIR, a smart contract-based platform for the secure management and monetization of digital identities, will be the first project using a permissioned blockchain to to leverage Airbitz’ Edge Security. The partnership will allow AIR to benefit from the versatility of Edge Security, which is blockchain-agnostic to ensure intuitive and secure user experiences on both public and permissioned blockchains.

The easy and intuitive user experience, coupled with rich functionality, great development environment and team made Airbitz an easy choice when considering the right partner for Sphre,” said Daren Seymour, Director at Sphre. “We look forward to delivering an easy-to-use product to the market, and our partnership with Airbitz is a key component on this journey.”

AIR is a secure, lightweight system for digital identity and individual microeconomic engagement based on blockchain infrastructure.

AIR’s API will allow third-party organizations and enterprises to integrate support for AIR into their existing and new systems, while the mobile application secures and maintains each individual’s private key. The Hyperledger Chaincode (smart contract) forms the basis of the given identity, and contains program logic that will allow an individual to recover their identity if their mobile device is lost. Sphre recently announced a crowdsale for the XID token powering the AIR platform, beginning June 1, 2017. XID tokens are used within the AIR platform to facilitate identity-based transactions and handle profit-sharing disbursement based on customizable monetization agreements for users to engage in. For more information, please visit: