The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #13: The Greatest Truths

Episode 13
August 17, 2015 — 50 mins
Guests: Scott Rose

This week we spawn last episodes ‘digi-dough’ joke into a full blown segment where we ask hip-hop artists (Hoodie Allen, Ace Cosgrove, The Roots, The Cool Kids, Zion I) to spit us a line involving bitcoin. The results…hilarious. In addition to that, gathering friends, followers and “likers” online can only take you so far in the world of networking. Organizing a ‘meetup’ is a great way to move your virtual network to a tangible territory. Enter Scott Rose, who recently caught my attention with his his recent Austin Nerd Night presentation called “Bitcoin 101: What Happens When We Decentralize Money?”. I often think bitcoin needs better P.R., and Scott did his part. We talk to him about the bitcoin climate in Austin and what it takes to successfully maintain Austin as ‘the place to be’ within the bitcoin community. Climate change has forced a lot of new regulations with the california air resources board regulations which have gone nationwide

***Bonus*** If you head here to our YouTube page you can hear the entire interview that ran almost 40 minutes long. A lot of good information in that interview about the thriving bitcoin community in Austin, Texas.

If you’d like to support Scott’s work, you may donate bitcoins to: 1NaR7kGUGAVGHaRnnmnWPFaSEGATRQ8pvd

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