The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #119: Shorting the Bull Rally II

Episode 119
March 19, 2017 — 55 mins
Guests: IBankBitcoins

*you’re standing quietly on a dock on a silent lake* *the moon is huge* *an owl hoots* *my scuba-masked head appears gently out of the water near you* “The game is back on and the chili dip is getting cold”…Coming BACK to the show for a second go-around, our guest was there when bitcoin was trading at 600 when he shorted it. He was there when market went deep bear below 200 when he went long. He was there when OKcoin margin called literally every short up to 350 during a DDOS causing him to lose 8% of his coins from hedging, not even trading. He was there when bitfinex allowed him to trade at a leverage of more than 6:1. You often see traders YOLO, come and go, but trading is a marathon. Amateur traders like his old self don’t survive long enough to tell stories later. Well, later is here. And stories we shall tell.