The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #117: Venturing Into the Web3

Episode 117
March 05, 2017 — 85 mins
Guests: Mel Gelderman

The Monolith Studio is a Web3 venture production studio. It’s sole purpose is to materialize Ethereum’s transcendental potential by creating next generation Ethereum powered products and platforms for the end-user, on the Web3. Ventures will not only provide solutions for the native Ethereum community, but also present innovations that capture the regular user beyond. Our first product, TokenCard, achieves this desired balance. What TokenCard? Well, it brings the Visa payments network to Ethereum. It represents a generational leap from traditional debit cards by putting the user back in control, offering an entire platform of features and setting the bar for security. Hot diggity! Who better to have on the show than Mel Gelderman, co-founder of Monolith Studio?! Let’s get into it, folks!


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  1. CryptoPascal

    12 months ago


    If you are not known as a member of a specific ethnic, religious, subcultural group yourself, don’t make joking remarks about that group or the fact that someone belongs to that group.

    (Especially don’t try to be funny using cliches that a member of that group already has heard thousands of times in her/his life.)

    Totally uncool.