The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #113: Innovators’ Lab

Episode 113
February 05, 2017 — 86 mins
Guests: Amanda Gutterman

Ethereum is all-the-rage within the crypto community and with ConsenSys fueling the fire, things are looking mighty bright. Amanda Gutterman from ConsenSys joins Corey, to discuss decentralizing the world. This is your golden ticket to tour, the imagination station inside the Ethereum think tank, ConsenSys. Does this make Amanda, the Willy Wonka of blockchain? Come with me and you’ll see…

ConsenSys wants to help Devs build DAPPs that handle peer-2-peer transactions based on reputable information on the Ethereum Network. DAPPs are decentralized applications built on blockchain technology. The Ethereum Network is a blockchain built for storing decentralized information. With all that said, you gonna learn today!

“Wherever trust is a problem, blockchain can be a solution.” -Amanda Gutterman

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