The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #107: Like Father, Like Son

Episode 107
January 01, 2017 — 83 mins
Guests: Dmitry Buterin

One day in February of 2011, Dmitry Buterin introduced his son to an intriguing development he had come across online: Bitcoin. Initially Vitalik didn’t show much interest. The idea of digital money sounded boring compared to World of Warcraft. And he didn’t share the same stringently libertarian values as his father. But after doing a little research on cryptocurrencies, Buterin adjusted his thinking. Maybe the math appealed to him.

Yeah, Yeah, you might see Vitalik Buterin’s father, but what we see is a guy who likes to answer support emails and sometimes support calls as it gives him first-hand understanding of people’s needs, which he feeds back to the design and development team, and uses in his role as a product manager. Someone like him adds value to our podcast, and we take full advantage of that. We ring in the new year by getting a forecast on this crypto space and what lies beyond in 2017. I don’t remember the last time I had a conversation with an anarcho-capitalist. Or a conversation with a founder of three multi-million dollars businesses. If that wasn’t enough, Dmitry is an angel investor and mentor for blockchain startups, so he has alot to talk about this episode, including the new and improved Arcade City. Press play ya PABs, and let’s kick off this new year on a high note.