The Bitcoin Podcast

Episode #103: A Jack of All Trades

Episode 103
December 04, 2016 — 63 mins
Guests: Jack Tatar

Lots to talk about this week as Marcello denounces his support for Augur over the lack of compassion the CEO has for a former employee who now fears for the safety of his life. In addition, a federal judge orders Coinbase to turn over bitcoin user data (audience gasps!) and since we love the boys over at, we invite their mentor Jack Tater on the show. Jack runs a leading market research firm, GEM Research Solutions, which provides market research services to all size businesses in numerous industries. With a focus on financial services, Jack speaks with over 1000 employees, clients and consumers each year through GEM’s core qualitative research business conducting focus groups, executive interviews and managing online panels and forums. We always love it when paid speakers come onto our show for FREE! Makes us feel warm and fuzzy. In short, he provides information for those modern day trailblazers who aren’t willing to settle for mediocrity, the status quo or being told how to live their lives.  They embrace the opportunities that Bitcoin and cybercurrencies can provide for their life and society in general.