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Devcon3: Recap Part 1

Devcon3 Recap part 1
November 02, 2017 — 40 mins

The first day of Devcon3 has come to an end and there’s a lot to be processed. Before we head into the second day of Ethereum’s conference in Cancún, Mexico, here are our takeaways from yesterday and today. We recap which talks you should watch/attend and/or miss. Who lived up to expectations and who disappointed…and most importantly, which announcements were game changing. Finally, there were also some hints for other improvements to the Ethereum platform that might be coming in the future. These include planned upgrades to the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), eWASM, which enables Ethereum to run in a web browser, and so-called “stateless clients”, a proposal for how clients could sync with the network more quickly. We anticipate hearing much more about these in the coming days at Devcon3. Listen now, and wait until the end of the conference for part 2. Like DMX, we gon’ give it to ya.

  1. Robert Kennedy

    3 months ago

    Ver is hypocrite. If he’s so interested in what’s “useful” for people he wouldn’t take such
    blatant advantage of novice investors who got brutally rekt in his cynically orchestrated Bcash pump n’ dump.

    It’s great he remembered your names, but I know you guys are too smart to fall for his blarney.

  2. sara

    3 months ago

    Jason Teutsch from TrueBit, actually germany last name :). It is kind of confuse min. 6:06 you start to talk you don’t like him as a person. who do you refer? Great job guys