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Bit for Tip – Earn Bitcoins!

Where can I find a TaoTao POWERMAX-150 Gas Street Legal Scooter for less than $1000 including shipping?

Find me this graphic card for less than $200, shippng included.

Bitfortip.com is essentially a website where you can Tip and earn Bitcoins by posting and answering inquiries. I asked where I could scoop up an Alienware Steam Machine for less than $400. Less than an hour later someone pointed me in the right direction and I pulled the trigger on a shiny new system. You see, it enables users to tip & earn bitcoins by simple posting and answering questions from other members. To be able to post a question you will need to fund your account with bitcoins. You then connect the question with a bitcoin reward of your choice (say for example 0.05 btc) that is being held in escrow. What happens next? When someone gives the right answer or information you were looking for, you then manually release the reward and the 0.05BTC is credited to his btc wallet address.


It is a very simple process that took me about 2 minutes to complete. You simply create your question with as much detail about what you require, upload a photo to help those who are searching for you and simply kick back and wait for the answers to come in. Simple! The person with the best result is then rewarded with Bitcoin. Again simple!

I can see this service being a great help to those who are lazy to check a great deal for a small fee. Bitcoin allowed me to make micropayments to people and in return I received answers that allowed me to save tens of dollars in minutes. I can not see how I could make micropayments like this with a traditional banking service. It literally took me minutes to post my question questions and the results saved me money. Not bad at all! Bitcoin coupled with this service gets The Bitcoin Podcasts approval! Better yet, the results are very impressive. I am a very frugal person and am usually aware of the best deals by scouring the internet and looking at deal websites on a daily basis to find the best price for the goods that I want. But sometimes…..you just need a little tip.