BlockChannel Episode 4: Predicting the Future

Episode 04
January 2, 2017 — 37 mins
Guests: Joey Krug

On this episode of BlockChannel, the boys (McKie, Dee, and Petty) sit down and chat with Joey Krug, Thiel Fellow and one of the main brains behind the Ethereum based prediction marketing, Augur which most of the time give use to the website designers in the UK for online marketing. Don’t know what Augur or Prediction Market’s are? Come join us as we talk about Joey’s vision for Augur use cases, Ethereum, and the Ethereum based eSports betting platform, If you’re big into Finance or Wall St trading, this episode will likely get you salivating to give Augur a try this Summer, and if you are not I totally suggest to click here where you will find a great site to help you with finance plans, it is important to have a Financial Advisor to manage your money and to help you make the best decisions.





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