Announcements: DubToken

January 08, 2018 — 39 mins
Guests: Fred Dionne, CEO and Co-Founder

Welcome to Announcements with Host No. 2, Demetrick Ferguson, a show that provides you details on current events, upcoming projects in the blockchain space, and token offering details. We are attempting to provide you with details and information from the people who are creating projects, and we are not giving advice. Please do proper due diligence when considering investments.

Today we talk with Fred Dionne from DubDub. As the web becomes increasingly cluttered with out of touch content, invalid traffic and pointless attention based metrics, advertisers, content creators and publishers struggle to find the proper way to reach consumers. Sensory and content overload make it almost impossible to captivate and monetize audiences looking for targeted experiences.

By introducing the Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP), we look to reimagine the interactions among the participants involved in the digital experience ecosystem. The IVEP introduces digital layers which sit on top of any streamable content on the Internet and overlays hundreds of new interactive smart objects and functions that can be customized in real time to create the next generation of interactive experiences and significantly increase end user engagement. Nine brands out of ten expect to compete primarily on customer experience rather than price and product as the key brand differentiator. Customer experience is the new battlefield.

The IVEP’s economy will be tokenized and centered around dubtokens. A dubtoken is a multi-faceted unit of account offered to members of the IVEP Crypto Association with various utility, consumptive, trust, governance, transfer, growth incentive and loyalty attributes. Its holder has the right and limited license to use the IVEP protocol together with the underlying services offered by the community through a newly introduced decentralized application store (dApp Store).



Today we talk with Lawrence Richardson II from ZeroSum Markets. The ZeroSum Platform is a peer versus peer competitive platform that allows individuals to create and participate in competitions that require a measurable skill in a given subject matter. Users enter with a defined entry fee and if victorious against their peers win prizes immediately. Initially created to isolate trading skill in trading competitions the platform and technology base are extensible in order to support any desired peer versus peer competition event. The ZeroSum Platform is already built and available at – ongoing development and support for third party implementations are continuing to bolster the ZFX Token.

ZeroSum is a ground breaking blockchain technology platform that empowers individuals to demonstrate their skills in a competitive format against their peers.

ZeroSum token – The ZeroSum token is the mechanism that enables users to participate on any ZeroSum enabled platform for peer versus peer competitions. The Ethereum Smart Contract is specifically designed to be extensible for a multitude of use cases, including our proprietary Sentiment Engine (also requiring ZFX).