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An Ethereum Podcast: Episode #7

Episode 7
December 05, 2017 — 44 mins
Guest: Jack Spallone from Ujo Music, a ConsenSys formation

Jack and I talk about how Ujo aims to use Ethereum to put the musician at the center of the music industry.

If you’re interested in the intersection of the music business and Ethereum, you’ll love this episode.

We talk about the evolution from Ujo from when they did the release with Imogean Heap through the recent RAC release, what lessons they’ve learned and how Ujo can improve the music business for artists and consumers.

In particular we discuss the Ujo roadmap to grow the licensing market for musicians, as well as incentivizing album buying through gamification and also possibly incentivizing curation of the long-tail of music.

Thanks to ConsenSys for making this podcast possible.

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