An ETH Podcast

An Ethereum Podcast: Episode #5

Episode 5
October 20, 2017 — 42 mins
Guests: Adam Nestler

In this episode, I talk to Adam Nestler from Skedaddle. They’re launching the Kudos Protocol because they’ve seen how service-oriented economies could use a decentralized tipping and reputation protocol. It’s a very interesting and ambitious project about moving from tipping to a blockchain protocol.

Disclosure: I’m an advisor to Kudos.

I’m also a member of ConsenSys. I assume you already knew that if you are listening to this podcast, but it’s worth making that clear. If you like the podcast, thank ConsenSys. If you hate it, blame me.

Visit the protocol at Kudos Project and the first adopter of the protocol: Skedaddle.

Follow them on Twitter @KudosProject.

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